They did it!  I’m still coming down from the high of this amazing day.  As I mentioned in a previous post, after meeting Megan, we became fast friends.  I love being around her because she’s so upbeat and happy all the time.  Megan makes you feel so good to be around.  Being with her on one of her happiest days was amazing.

We knew earlier in the week that the weather wasn’t going to cooperate with our plans for lots of outdoor photos and an outdoor ceremony but Megan and Scott never let that get them down.  They toughed out some short periods of time outside in the cold and embraced the indoor opportunities the gorgeous Elms Hotel had to offer.  Even though it was 40 degrees outside, spring was all around us with the amazing floral arrangements provided by Beco Flowers.  Nicole from Simple Elegance was their coordinator.  I’ve worked with Simple Elegance for more than 10 years but this was my first opportunity to work with Nichole and she was amazing.  So sweet and kind and she kept the day running perfectly.  It almost broke my heart to see the beautiful cake (by Vickie DuPaul) and it smelled as delicious as it was beautiful.


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