I’ve been going through family photos a lot lately.  Our kids love to look through our family photos and videos and frequently ask to watch the videos and view the photos from when they were little but the more I go through them, the more I regret one big thing; I should have been in more photos.  I know there’s the every present problem that I’m usually the one behind the camera but I also sadly have the problem that so many moms have – I don’t feel confident enough to get in FRONT of the lens.  When I was in the photos, I usually wasn’t a big fan of how I looked.  Sometimes I was just being too critical of myself and sometimes it just wasn’t my most “photo ready” moment!  You see, I always hope that I look like this in photos with my kiddos:


(Photo by my amazing friend and sometimes second shooter, Alexis Close.)

Sadly, I usually find myself looking more like this:


OK, obviously the first photo is a professional shot, nicely lit, beautifully composed image and the second is a selfie that seems to be shooting straight up my nose.  My arm is obviously not long enough to get us all in the frame in a nice way 🙂  I think we all have too many of these “family photos” and not enough of the first kind.

This time of year is when my husband starts asking me what I want for Mother’s Day and every year I answer with the same thing : “really don’t worry about it” or  “I don’t NEED anything” or “I don’t know………”  Poor David gets hit twice in this area because my birthday always falls within days of Mother’s Day and this poor guy gets no help from me!  As parents it’s our instinct to put everyone else first but I figured out this year what I would really like to have: portraits with each of my babies.  I want something that both they and I can keep forever and be proud to hang on my wall.  I want them to look at those photos with me years down the road and remember how much I love them and love being their mom.  After chatting with a few of my friends I found out how popular that idea was so I thought Mother’s Day would be the perfect time to offer “Mommy and Me” Mini sessions!  This May 12 and May 19 I’ll be offering 30 min. sessions to capture you and your babies .  Each session will yield photos of you with all of your children together as well as you with each of your children individually.  If you’re a Daddy who wants to get in on the action, no worries we love all parents around here – it’ll be a “Daddy and Me” session for you!  If you’re a Daddy looking for the perfect gift for the Mommy in your life ( your children’s mother or even your own mother) let me know!  I’m happy to make you a gift certificate for you to gift this session to her.

Mommy and Me


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