Kansas City Weddings: Alexander Majors House, Beth and Zach

2018 is off and running!  Mallory and I were so happy to spend the day with Beth and Zach on this extraordinarily beautiful January day in Kansas City.   Beth said that she always wanted to get married at the Alexander Majors Barn and that dream came true.

I think my favorite part of the day was when their friends and fathers gave speeches about them both as individuals and as a couple.  I was stuck by how they all talked of Beth and Zach’s love and compassion for the people closest to them.  It was a pleasure to celebrate with them and watch the love on their faces all day.

Introducing….Throw Back Thursdays!

I really am so very fortunate in so many ways and in the winter when our busy season has slowed, and I have some time to sit back and reflect on all of the wonderful people we’ve worked with that previous year and every year prior to that, I’m always touched by the fact that so many people invite us into their lives for front row seats to the their most amazing times.  So many of these amazing families invite us back time and time again when they welcome new babies, need family photos or other big events in their lives.

While setting up the new blog, Instagram page and website, I’ve been pouring thru weddings and family sessions from the past and thought how wonderful it would be to revisit these happy times more often, and thus Throw Back Thursdays on the RPM Blog is born!

This week we’re looking back at Brooke and Scott whom I first met for their 2013 wedding.  Since then they’ve welcomed 2 beautiful little ones whom I get to see quite often!


Kansas City Wedding Photography: Emily and David

Emily and David’s October wedding was truly the stuff of wedding dreams- gorgeous weather, an amazing location and a radiant couple.  We started the day with one of the most beautiful (and ah-hem, memorable) first look moments I’ve seen in a long time.  Just as Emily and David were tearing up, a gust of wind fly by on the 15th story of Brass On Baltimore and grabbed Emily’s veil.  I’ve had veils fly off in the wind before- never off THE BUILDING before!  Not to worry, Christine from Celebrations Of Love, their wedding coordinator secured a replacement veil for the ceremony.

After a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony at Visitation Catholic Church it was back to Brass On Baltimore to party well into the night.  David even entertained us all with his skills on the guitar.

We’re back…..

It seems like YEARS since I last blogged…. Ok, it HAS been years since I last blogged. I’ve been using social media to share our latest work these past few years but I’ve noticed it’s a lot harder to share more in depth thoughts and information on Facebook and Instagram.  So here we are… new year, new blog and tons and tons of former and current weddings, sessions and events to share.  For starters, here’s a few of my favorite images from the past few years…..